Plymouth Submariners Association Website
The Submariners Association is an Association of ex and serving Submariners which seeks to maintain the special bonds of friendship, loyalty and comradeship, together with a pride in the Submarine Service, formed during service in Her Majesty´s Submarines.
The objective of the Submariners Association is to promote and support the RN Submarine Service and its heritage.
To Foster the friendships and comradeship peculiar to all submariners so that they may continue to share the experiences and association, and to keep alive that pride in the Submarine Branch, formed during their service in H.M. Submarines.
“Of all the branches of men in the Forces there is none which shows more devotion and faces grimmer perils than the Submariner. Great deeds are done in the air and on the land, nevertheless nothing surpasses your exploits.

Sir Winston Churchill 1943